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Dream Well, Sleep Tight

Folkestone, Kent



“Victoria was relatable, friendly, confident, had the science and paperwork to back up what she was saying and offered me the support I didn’t even know I needed. I was given clear information about what I needed to and was needed from us.

This is nothing short of a miracle... As if that wasn’t enough, she is eating more and better, and calmer in herself and seems to have turned into a comedy genius....! Our whole family has changed for the better and my lovely husband has his wife back.

Thank you for everything Victoria, you have changed our lives and we will always be thankful and still remain in shock that our 'bad sleeper' is actually a beautiful sleeper we just all needed you to make it happen.”​


"My son of 33 months woke every couple of hours during the night either crying for his bottle, someone to sleep with him or sit on his bed until he fell asleep. Victoria suggested changes to the bedtime routine and the night time wakings and we could not be more pleased. 

Thank you so much Victoria. Harry now sleeps through the night and is doing so well. Even when I had to go away for a couple of night because of the new routine Harry continued to sleep through with no problems."


"At first, I didn’t know I needed help from a sleep therapist because we had got used to routinely waking up in the night and settling our baby girl back to sleep. Dream Well, Sleep Tight has changed our lives for the better and there were only a few subtle changes to our bedtime routine that have made all the difference! 

Our daughter now goes to sleep at her scheduled time, naps twice a day sleeps through the night 99% of the time and without FUSS! She now doesn’t protest or cry when we put her to bed, it’s as if she knows and understands her bedtime better and she is a lot happier for it. 

Me and my wife have our energy back and our sleep is back to normal (pre baby); our house is clean, we are eating well and we’re both exercising more regularly because we are having consistent sleep ourselves.

Victoria at Dream Well, Sleep Tight gave us easy to understand guidance and was readily available to offer support when we needed it. We thought we had our baby’s sleep okay but we actually didn’t now we have it totally dialled in and it only took about a week to get her new routine established and its like magic now, she just falls and stays asleep. "